Flowers of the North

Winner of the Parallel Universe Prize, 2018 (Prix des univers parallèles)

On a island finding its roots in Japanese History, the Kagi family has been ruling over the Sounkyô Mountains for generations. As the last heir wielding the power of fire, Tatsuke tries to preserve peace by waging war. But a strong woman, as much a fighter as a healer, will turn his feelings upside down, as well as his fate and that of the whole Kagi clan in the process. Over the course of three chronicles, desire and battle tear the Kagi family apart. Combining romanticism, action and exoticism, this novel presents women who dare shaking up established norms and the great men who support them. Cunning ruses, magic and knowledge are put to good use in an atmosphere reminiscent of the manga universe. Available only in French, but the first two chapters have been translated in English.

ISBN : 9782764439296 (papier), 9782764440353 (num.)