My books

Legacy of the Kami

Determined and daring like her mother, Tatsumi is the worthy descendant of her famous family, the heirs of fire magic. Together with her twin brother Mikio, she spends her childhood training, associating closely with those who rule the territory. But a truth lurking within her will lead Tatsumi on unsuspected paths that could upset the … Read more

Shadow of the Shinobi

Peace is restored in the Hokkaidô. But when the sly and fearless Yûmi uncovers ancient secrets, the empire’s succession is threatened. Her older brother Taku’s unexpected encounter could forever change both the boy’s intimate life and the future of the country. More than 10 years after the action staged in Flowers of the North, Shadow … Read more

Idol 1 – Anna of Charlevoix

Anna Desgagnés works at the Manoir Richelieu, the most luxurious hotel in Charlevoix. There she meets Charles Knight, a British actor who despises the place. In order to prove to him that Charlevoix is magnificent, she offers to give him a tour of the mountainous region, bordered by the great river. But through these five … Read more

Flowers of the North

On a island finding its roots in Japanese History, the Kagi family has been ruling over the Sounkyô Mountains for generations. As the last heir wielding the power of fire, Tatsuke tries to preserve peace by waging war. But a strong woman, as much a fighter as a healer, will turn his feelings upside down, … Read more